Sightjogging – discover Lund on the move

Discover Lund on the move

Join us on a guided sightseeing tour, jogging through the streets of Lund with some stops at the most interesting sites of Lund.

Starting along the mediaeval embankment in Stadsparken, the jogging tour takes in Lund’s majestic cathedral (from the early 12th century) and Lundagård, an area of both cultural and historical interest, en route to the ruins of Allhelgonaklostret (All Saints Abbey). It then continues via one of Lund’s oases, the Botanical Gardens, down to the Nöden district and back to Stadsparken. There will be a total of 7-10 stops for commentary from your guide.

Length: ca 5 km or by agreement
Duration: ca 1,5 hours

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